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        碩方電子科技有限公司擁有一流生產設備與研發實力,可提供3C應用的連接零組件解決方案;對于高速存儲、更小化的電子集成同樣支持定製化方案。碩方持續提升軟硬體實力,擴大市場銷量及製造規模以達到全球化佈局。目前全球製造基地包含中國大陸(華中、華北、華南)、中國台灣,在日本、 新加坡設立新材料研究部門。為合作客戶提供最即時的技術支援及定制服務,達成對客戶的完美承諾。

SOFNG Electronics Technology Co.,Ltd.has first-class production equipment and R&D strength,who provides 3C application connection component solution and high-speed storage, smaller electronic integration customization solution.We continue to enhance hardware and software strength, to expand sales volume and manufacturing scale to achieve a global layout.At present,the global manufacturing base includes Mainland China(CentralChina,North China and South China),Taiwan of China. New materials research departments have been set up in Japan and Singapore.
We provide  the most immediate technical support and customized services to cooperating customers, and achieve the perfect commitment to customers.